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Support our Wounded Heroes with ooh lala Christmas Home TourOur military has been engaged in combat operations for over eight years, consequently, many men and women have been seriously injured.  In the mass media we briefly hear about deaths but very little is reported about injuries.  Due to improvements in body armor and rapid medical attention, our medical teams are saving the lives of a lot more warriors who, in past wars, would not have survived.  Our nation’s sons and daughters are alive but they are wounded warriors who have to learn (along with their loved ones and families) to adjust and cope with serious injuries like amputations, burns, blindness and other more hidden injuries, like brain trauma and post traumatic stress.  We call them wounded warriors.

Ooh Lala Christmas Home Tour

The difficulties faced by these wounded warriors has been on our hearts and minds.  With the help of many dedicated and talented volunteers a New Mexico 501(c)(3) non profit was formed named Ooh La La Christmas in New Mexico, Inc. and it’s sister website  “Support Our Wounded Heroes”,
 Our mission is to help fund and promote awareness of severely injured service men and women.   By design these organizations are staffed 100% with volunteers.  This minimizes expenses and maximizes financial support to those in need.  In its inaugural year, 2009, all funds raised, will go to an exceptional national organization called “WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT”. 

WWP is based in Jacksonville Florida.  They are known for their “backpacks delivered bedside to wounded warriors”.  The backpacks are their signature program but they are just an introduction to what WWP does to help wounded warriors.  They understand the needs of these men and women and they make sure the dollars they get go for the direct benefit of the Wounded Warriors. Their programs are too extensive to briefly describe.  I encourage you to look at their website.  Visit

We realize these are trying financial times and we each need to make our own assessment of what level of support we can offer.  Even in the midst of these difficult times, and sometimes because of these difficult times, donors always come forward with money, time, talent and in kind donations. 

When it comes to supporting the noble young men and women, who volunteer to serve our country in the military, it is always impressive, but not surprising, how generous our fellow Americans are.  Americans give because our wounded warriors have already given.



Terri Krueger
Director and President
Ooh Lala Christmas Home Tour in New Mexico , Inc
501(c)(3) non profit


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Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project